Creativity and originality contribute to an outside-the-box examination of existing standards and practices so as to derive unique solutions for our clients. In exchange with science, the employees of INSTITUTE FOR MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE (IMX) develop methodically and systematically new findings.


The Product Engineering Process often subjects to multiple restrictions. So, the deadline and cost constraints, technical framework conditions, customer and quality requirements involve a firm but flexible project management. To overcome the complex product engineering, precision in terms of content is as indispensable as goal-oriented planning and controlling of all participants. Our profound experience in project control provides the necessary support for a successful implementation of a new product at every stage of the product engineering process.


To meet the requirements for product development in context of the digital transformation, IMX relies on the agile methods Scrum, Design Thinking and Lean Startup. Contrary to the classic development approaches, which are designed to minimize risks and increase error avoidance within large investment projects. While classic approaches increasingly reach their limits within digital product development, agile methods can fully leverage their strengths because of lower initial investments. For one thing, a conscious willingness to make mistakes leads to a steeper learning curve and secondly, this willingness enables working results in the shortest time. Which ensures that the product development is in line with market trends.