The strategic orientation and design of high-performance production and logistic systems are the core of our work at the INSTITUTE FOR MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE (IMX). With our experience and expertise, we support decision-makers in the management process of their spectrum of tasks.


Most modern-day companies have connections to international business partners and global networks. In order to ensure their competitiveness in the long term, it has become essential for companies to continuously evaluate and optimize their existing value chain structures. From  developing appropriate strategies for location selection to the ramp-up of new production plants, IMX offers its partners a wide array of possibilities for designing and shaping their individual manufacturing footprint.

In addition to supporting our clients with the consolidation of their production strategy, we also provide assistance in the area of supply chain management. By establishing and developing reliable global supplier networks, we ensure a reduction of risks and help construct an efficient and effective value chain for globally operating companies.


Excellent production and logistic structures support the strategy and competitiveness of a company. The intra- and inter-industry exchange of best practices in the context of benchmarking activities is a proven method to provide tangible impulses and optimization measures for businesses to help them strive for and achieve internal industrial excellence.

With a wide range of expertise and extensive practical experience in different industries, IMX consultants offer tailor-made solutions for the individual problems of our clients. Our focus lies not only on the transfer of validated methods, but also on the establishment of our customers in-house processes as industrial best practices through targeted optimization loops.


For ensuring continuous progress and their long-term success, companies need to plan their evolution strategy early on. Further qualification and development of future managers and executives must be accounted for in particular, to secure a smooth transfer of responsibilities.

To address these challenges, IMX offers multifaceted training programs that cater to individual customer needs. Through specific training modules for experienced managers as well as customized qualification programs for dynamic young professionals, we assist our partners in developing their internal problem-solving skills and decision-making capabilities.